Negative Energy Removal – Smudging

Cleaning the carpet is important, but clearing your space of negative emotional debris may be more important to your profits. Workplace hostility is a nightmare for the employer and for clients or patients. When your employees bring their problems to the office they infect other employees attitudes and demeanor. Clear the air, clear the space of lingering energy, and see renewal in your profits.


Billie is a Professional Energy Clearing Expert, clearing the professional office/business space of negative energy for over fifteen years. Billie has a PhD in Metaphysics and is a Certified and gifted Shaman. When your office is experiencing chaos and your profits are down, you need a professional to clear your work space of negative energy.


Like so many things in life people think, “If I cannot see it, then it does not exist.”

Think of THUNDER!  You cannot see it but you can certainly feel the vibration of it and feel the walls shaking in your home as it booms into the atmosphere!  Thunder is an example of pure energy – vibration!

Thunder is the pure energy of vibration created when the molecules of air expand and move violently.  Negative energy is like thunder, created by charged molecules of emotions and moving violently, hanging in the air without audible sound.  Like the energy of thunder, you cannot see it, but most humans can sense it.  Negative energy can create fear, stress, tension and discord in the people who work or visit your office.

As a business owner or manager, you probably are unaware of it, but you are aware of the results of this shifting, appalling energy. You can sense it in your co-workers’ inability to focus and the level of stress in your office. It is visible in the way co-workers relate to each other and it is visible in the profit and loss statement when clients go elsewhere.

What is negative energy?

Negative energy is the “stuff” that escapes when a person is traumatized by divorce, death or impending doom from illness of their loved ones, or clashing personalities, inability to pay their bills.  An example would be when a patient is told they have cancer – a great spasm of fear is released and hangs in the room.  If a client is told they owe the I.R.S. $17,000; or when someone is told they will be paying spousal support of thousands of dollars; or when a husband is caught cheating. That energy is released in the ‘re-telling’ of the pain and the suffering by employees to other employees.



Negative energy is fear, anger, regret, hopelessness, sorrow, rejection, fury, desperation… all emotional releases that shift out of the body into the air. It vibrates, hanging on the ceiling, permeating the walls, hanging in the halls and dropping onto unsuspecting people who may be emotionally down. It can easily turn petty arguments into insurmountable mountains of anger and fury.

It is like soap scum that is never removed, building up and closing in on those who walk through it and work in that explosive, vibrating atmosphere.

Just like thunder, negative energy exists, but unlike thunder, negative energy does not follow lightning bolts. Negative energy eventually creates upheaval and discord between everyone that works within it’s nasty vibration. It causes distress, anxiety and mounting, unreasonable fearfulness.


During the time of the ancients spring cleaning was when folks opened their doors and windows and de-thatched their roofs, clearing the air of negative energy. They brought in new, freshly woven rugs, and swept their homes of rodents, bugs and negative emotions that lingered like soot in the chimney. In this way the ancients released negative energy from their homes and their lives.

Can you see negative energy?

Most  of us cannot see negative energy, but there are a few who can. All except for the very indifferent can sense the vibration of negativity. It can hang in the air like a thick mucus, slimy, cold, and mean.  It permeates the walls, hangs in the halls, erupts from the ceiling and wavers in the corners of the rooms. That is, UNLESS the offices have been smudged and cleared on a regular basis.

Those who sense it feel a subtle vibration, barely moving, a quiet cold place, or a hole in the air. They may feel the inability to take deep breaths, an inner ear ringing, an echo that can be louder than the sound of a tree falling in a forest. It can make ones skin crawl, their hands itch, eyes twitch or spasm, and bring on the discomfort of a headache. Ones  emotions are definitely engaged in some sort of furious heart-beating staccato. It may feel as if something vital is missing, out-of-time-out-of-space, ever so slightly jarred, as if the door has not completely closed.

Negative energy can be like a slimy thickness to the air that makes one reluctant to breathe. It comes with a chill or a hot breath on ones neck. It makes the hair stand up on arms or goose bumps run uninhibited down ones spine.

A professional smudging and clearing can make all the difference in the world to you, your employees, and your guests. A ritual clearing and smudging will neutralize the charged air and offer a welcoming change to the atmosphere of your offices.

Cancel that carpet cleaning and make a real difference! Balancing the energy in your workspace can bring new business to your corporation. Why have your clients move through energy that can be cold and dark or hot and mean? Smudging and clearing can be a valuable tool for your offices and regular clearing will keep it clear and charged with good energy.

Not too many of us clear our offices or homes of energy; not too many of us do spring cleaning anymore. Year after year this emotional baggage, garbage that should be moved to the curb for take-away, lingers in our office, building up like soap scum. Eventually there is no room to squeeze into the tub. Your office may begin to feel claustrophobic, as if the walls are closing in on you and your employees.

Negative energy affects any place where there are people coming and going and sharing space. If your office is experiencing the following then you need to have your space smudged and cleared:

  • Employees quit or are fired frequently
  • Arguments and hostilities between co-workers
  • Chronic tardiness
  • Employees calling in sick or taking unscheduled time off
  • Office is tense like a war-zone
  • The employer or manager becomes a referee
  • Office hours are like walking in a mine field
  • Clients/patients leave and never return
  • Work is no longer a pleasure
  • Business seems to be ‘off’
  • Profits are going down

Even though you may be unaware of it, you HAVE sense negative energy. Have you ever walked into a room where two people stood, their shoulders hunched up around their ears as if they are ready to throw something at the other person and a riveting space of tension between them as big as the Grand Canyon? That is negative energy. So thick you can feel it swamping the air.

For the past eighteen years I have successfully and professionally been a consultant to the business professional for removing negative energy.

It is your business – your profits!

For a consultation: Contact Dr. Billie at –   For over fifteen years Dr. Billie has been working with business owners and employers offering, insight for happy employees and refreshing energy in the workspace.

Clients and patients, employees, and everyone that comes and goes in the work place is sensitive to the energy of others. Clients can feel negative energy – it comes across to them as a charged tension. No one wants to ‘hang out’ in an uncomfortable atmosphere.

Business owners go to great lengths to make their offices friendly and welcoming. They clean the carpet regularly, pay for maintenance and professional cleaning service; unfortunately, not too many are aware of how negative energy can affect their employees, their clients, and their bottom line. Buying a new sofa and installing new carpet may not be as important as ‘refreshing the energy’ to some business owners, but it is becoming more popular to doctors and other professionals.





Smuding and clearing is nothing more than routine cleaning of your ‘space’ and your ‘energy-clothes’.  What are energy-clothes?  Whether you believe in it or not, all living things have layers of energy that moves around and through their bodies.  You can’t see electricity but you know it is there because of what it does, i.e. keeps food cold, lights up the room, washes clothes, etc.  Just because you can’t see it doesn’t make it any less ‘there’. 

You live your life wearing your energy-clothes (aura, electro-magnetic field).  You cannot imagine how much garbage is stuck in it.  Some people, like myself, can actually see this garbage.  To me garbage looks like murky, dark spots most of the time but sometimes these dark areas look like something rotting and dangerous.  If  you meet me and I ‘back’ off most likely you have a great need of energy clearing.  I wouldn’t tell you that you have bad breath because that is rude, bad breath usually is not a cause for alarm, but some of the things I see in people’s aura can eventually work its way into the physical body and become disease.  Why not clear it, get rid of it and be able to take deep, refreshing breaths?

It isn’t painful… most of the time.  Although sometimes my clients re-live painful emotions from the death of a loved one, divorcing parents, and all kinds of emotional garbage they have stuck in their aura.  The good news is that once they release this past emotional garbage they move on to find their lives more fulfilled and peaceful.

The same garbage that collects in the human energy field (HEF) also gets stuck in the corners and closets of our homes and offices.  Old arguments, hateful thoughts and emotional suffering are energies that have to go somewhere.  They linger and affect our lives in a way that is not beneficial to our soul growth. 

If your life is in chaos, your home and/or office feels uncomfortable from past discord between two or more people, why not find a professional to clear the energy, smudge with sacred sage and fill the empty spots with healing light?

Smudging and clearing should be taken seriously.  Inexperienced people may find themselves unable to focus, in emotional turmoil and unable to sleep.  Energy has to go somewhere!  When you remove it from your home, your body or office, there are methods of protecting oneself so that the energy does not re-attach to the practitoner.

We detoxify our liver, take laxatives to clean our intestines when we feel bloated and crampy.  We change our sheets when they need them and put on clean clothes.  We wash our hair and bodies daily but we walk around with our energy system littered with debris and nastiness within it and we wonder why we have recurring problems in our lives!

Many times when we have  one problem after another in our life, either financial, relationships, work or personal, the simplest thing to do is to clear our energy (or aura’s)!  Even if you do not believe you have an aura or energy system – it still exists!  You can’t make it go away just because you have a closed mind about it.  Physics has proven that it exists.

Jesus worked with energies.  His miracles took affect because He worked with energy fields.  He told the blind man to ‘pick up his bed and go to the river and wash’. When the blind man did what Jesus told him to do he was healed.  As the man was picking up his bed, Jesus saw that the blind man had changed his belief system to accept that Jesus would heal him.  Jesus cleared and purified the blind man’s energy field! 

There are many religious paintings that actually show the human energy field in the form of halo’s.  A halo is a small part of our energy field.  The great works of Michananglo show halo’s on angels, God, Mary and other religious leaders.  If you believe that holy people have halo’s then you already believe in aura’s.

A very simple way to clear your aura of ’garbage’ that has entered it, is to light a candle, take three deep breaths and imagine the flame of the candle burning through the garbage, melting it until it evaporates and disappears.   Just watch the candle flame flicker back and forth.  Imagine that you are getting lighter and lighter without the load of carrying garbage on your shoulders.   After about 10 minutes this should take care of normal, everyday, ‘garbage’ that has stuck to you.

For those of you who may be going through a more problemic time, there are a few more extensive exercises below.  Wait 48 hours for the full affect of clearing to be felt in your life.  After 48 hours if you see no change or your problems get worst, you will need more extensive clearing and balancing.  You can leave a comment here or email me at  Your questions and comments are always welcome!  If you leave your name I will change it to initials for your privacy.   

Lesson 1, Human Energy Field (Aura)

All living creatures contain an energy field of Universal Life Energy – even if you do not believe it, nothing changes, you still have an energy field!  This energy field is called by many names, Bio-field, electro-magnetic field, Prana, Life Force Energy, Pura Vida, Christ Light, Aura, etc. and it includes some specific energy centers called Chakras.

Just like food and water, our energy system is a vital part of our life.  We cannot live without our circulatory system, skeletal system, respiratory system, etc.. When one of these body systems malfunctions, becomes diseased or gets blocked, our health is severely affected.  Even though you can’t see your respiratory system you wouldn’t doubt that it exists, right?  You can’t see your circulatory system either but if a physician said you had a blood clot (block) you would believe him and take the necessary precautions – if not you may not survive. 

Your aura or energy system exists alongside all of your other vital functioning systems.

When our energy system is not healthy or strong, it becomes susceptible to dis-ease – just as when we are physically weakened we are more susceptible to being attacked by virus and bacteria, mold and allergens.  We take vitamins, exercise, eat properly and take medication for better health.  If we step in dog crap we can’t wait to wash it off.  Many times our energy system has ‘other people’s’ crap in it; bad relationships, nasty co-workers, issues with housing, bad credit, not enough funds for necessary items, accidents, anger and rage issues, etc.

Sometimes the beginning of a better life is to simply clear our energy field!  To get your energy system balanced, clear and purified of minor energy debris - the following clearing  technique  should be enough to get you back on the road to recovery and help you overcome minor difficulties.  

To clear away minor debris from your energy field:

Light a candle, sit it on a table or counter.  Sit or stand about three feet from the candle and watch the flame move back and forth.  You will notice a shimmer of energy around the flame.  Even if you cannot see it, imagine that it is there, thoughts are energy and an imagination works with energy as well as physical action.  Welcome the energy of the flame and imagine that it moves into your energy field (do NOT touch the flame, do NOT move close to the flame, do NOT move the candle!)   Ask the energy within the flame to ’rake’ up all the debris into a pile (just like raking leaves in Autumn).  Take deep healing breaths for a few minutes as the flame works within your aura.  Imagine that the debris catches fire and is lifted out of our energy field as it is transformed to smoke, the smoke getting clearer and clearer as it moves away from you.  You may feel light-headed and sleepy within this time frame (about 15 minutes).  Open your eyes and imagine the flame moving back into the candle.  Ask the flame to surround your energy field and stay there for when it is needed again.  This will protect your energy and keep it clear and pure.

Do not forget to thank the flame, God and the angels, for clearing your energy field.

If your problems are more extreme or if you have any of the following symptoms you may require more in-depth energy clearing.

  • Change in personality such as anger, fear, sadness, or severe depression
  • Inability to focus or think clearly
  • Doing or saying things and not remembering it
  • Feeling extreme heat or cold as if you are standing on a furnace or a block of ice
  • Lack of energy and wanting to sleep all the time
  • Hearing some one’s voice in your head
  • You feel frightened of everything
  • You hear words or thoughts that do not seem to be your own
  • Suddenly become accident-prone
  • Frightened to drive or do things you normally love to do
  • Dreams where you are paralyzed and/or victimized
  • Flu-like symptoms that go on for weeks, months and even years – doctors are baffled
  • Afraid to look in mirrors or behind doors 
  • You feel as if you walked through cobwebs
  • Sudden onset of financial and relationship problems
  • Undue fear of monsters, vampires or werewolves (snakes, giant spiders, etc.)
  • Feeling as if someone is ‘out to get you’.
  • Sudden onset of panic attack

If you experience five or more of the above symptoms you may need to have your energy cleared by a professional energy worker who has the ability to protect you, your home and your loved ones as well as herself.  The combination of several of these symptoms is indicative that you may be the victim of a psychic attack from another person.  Many times we are a victim and do not even know it.  A professional energy worker is informed and can clear your energy field in order that you will experience a more rewarding life.

Chaos Energy (CE)

Chaos Energy is the result of having an energy system that has never been cleared and/or is damaged.    The condition of our energy system is reflected in our lives and our pain and suffering physically, emotionally, mentally and financially.  By ‘everyday’ living we carry home other people’s stress, day after day, we add our own stress to the worry we have for others.  This creates an unstable energy field that can be compared to a balloon with holes in it.  We leak, we absorb other people negative energies.  Day after day, year after year if our energy field is not relieved we will begin to have symptoms in our emotionally, mental, physical and even our spiritual lives. 

You know what happens if we put clean clothes over dirty clothes from yesterday, and we continue this day after day; year after year.  The smell and weight, moisture, bacteria, mold and filth would eventually begin to make you sick, physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually.  Even the thought of waking up the next day with no relief in sight  may be too much to bear. 

The same thing is happening in our energy field when we live a lifetime in it and it never gets cleared.  If our energy is not ‘cleaned’, repaired and refreshed, our lives will someday reflect this.  Even if one is unaware of the energy field it is easy to recognize when you need help by acknowledging the number of above symptoms.  

We are use to the symptoms that let us know we may need to take a laxative, such as, bloating, passing gas, uncomfortable fullness, cramping, lack of appetite, discomfort, listlessness and fatique.  These same symptoms may be telling you that your energy is ‘stopped up’ and needs to be cleared.  

Just as we put on a raincoat to protect ourselves from getting wet, we should always put on an energy shield of protection.  The easiest way to do this is when we throw our legs over the side of the bed, imagine that we ”step’ into a protective bubble that automatically locks onto our energy field and seals itself.  If we feel that we need to protect our loved ones, we can ’extend’ this protective bubble to them, just like a big umbrella!


This web site and lessons herein are not written by a medical professional and are not intended to replace your regular medical treatment.  Please consult with your physician or your mental health care specialist before making any changes in your life. 

If you are unable to find an energy worker, please contact me by email at

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