Haiku Contest For Autistic Children

5/22/2011 Ends 8/31/2011 ~ Haiku Contest for Autistic children

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What is haiku?  The haiku poetry came from Japan.  It does not rhyme.  There are 17 syllables:  5 on the first line; 7 on the second line; and 5 on the last line.

Remember the subject is autism. Here are a couple examples of what I am looking for:

 labeled autistic,

maybe socially inept

my own song i sing

 And this one:  

nothing normal, me

my thinking is different

autistic you see





Hiaku is normally about nature; however, I am sponsering this contest on this web site for autistic children and their families.  Tell me your story and submit your haiku.  By submitting your haiku and story you agree that it can be posted on this web site.

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  1. P.A. says:

    This is a great ideal! I will spread the word. Hope you get lots of responses.

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